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04.11.21 - 06.11.21

The PFAFF HACK is an annual hackathon organized by Fraunhofer IESE giving you the opportunity to create the next smart city project for Kaiserslautern!

Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmer des zweiten PFAFF HACKs

You will be part of a group of enthusiastic, open minded people creating innovative solutions for our future everyday-life.

The PFAFF HACK’s goal is to develop prototypes to improve life in the city while also being climate-friendly. The event focuses on topics such as sustainable energy, shared mobility and strengthning local communities.

With our team of experienced mentors we offer you the best environment to make your idea reality!

Be part of the #pfaffhack21 from 04.-06. November!

Who can participate?

Anyone who likes to try out new things, challenge themselves and meet new people can participate.

For our PFAFF HACK anyone is welcome. Entry is free, so don’t shy away at taking part at Fraunhofer IESE’s hackathon. You might want to be quick though as spaces are limited.

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