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PFAFF HACK is an annual hackathon (= hacking marathon) organized by Fraunhofer IESE centered around the Pfaffquartier in Kaiserslautern. Within two days you will have the opportunity to work on creative solutions for the city life of tommorrow. You will be part of a group of enthusiastic, open minded people creating innovative solutions for our future everyday-life.

The aim of PFAFF HACK is to develop ideas and prototypes to improve life in the city while also being climate-friendly. Thus the event focuses on topics such as sustainable energy, shared mobility and strengthning local communities. You will bring your ideas to life and pitch them in front of a jury to show why your idea is helping us solve social challenges!


Take part at our Online PFAFF HACK from 06. - 08. November 2020.

Some things will change but the goal will stay the same - Coming together to create intriguing new pieces of software that deal with current topics in a fresh and smart manner.

Besides that we do want to change a few things. First and foremost going online! We think that due to the current situation that this is the best way to be able to continue our young tradition of hosting the PFAFF HACK, while also aligning with all safety guidelines.

But that won’t stop us from having a great time designing and developing cool stuff with all of you! We have come up with a concept that will allow us to guide you throughout the whole development process from remote. So no worries, we will try to make the Online PFAFF HACK as much of a live event as we can!

Secondly we are tweeking the challenge! The goal will be to build all projects based on a platform and make them connected to each other. Meaning ideas and apps are no longer isolated and on their own - just as they would be in the real world. We want you to interlink your project with other participants’ projects and create a mini digital ecosystem just from the PFAFF HACK hackathon.

That includes a much deeper focus on working together between teams which makes it all that much more exciting!

Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmer des zweiten PFAFF HACKs

The Participants of the second PFAFF HACK - tired but proud!

What’s special about the PFAFF HACK?

The PFAFF HACK is going to be an event full of coding, meeting interesting people and experiencing what it’s like to take part at shaping the future of our region. You will be working on finding new smart city solutions!

pfaffhack Logo

The PFAFF HACK is based on a research project that among other goals aims to create a digital ecosystem in the former sewing maschine manufacturer Pfaff’s factory area in Kaiserslautern. This so-called ‘Pfaffquartier’ is planned to be a a climate-neutral working and living space right in the city. Fraunhofer IESE is one of nine members in this project and wants to take a step towards the future by realizing various innovative approaches to life in the city of tommorrow.

Infografik zur digitalen Quartiersplattform: Verschiedene Apps sind mit Menschen und Unternehmen verbunden. Die Plattform ist zentral und verbindet alle Teilelemente.

Which services and apps will help us to live climate-neutral and environmentally firendly?

This is where you and your ideas play an important role. You can directly influence how the Pfaffquartier is going to end up by participating at the PFAFF HACK. All prototypes from the PFAFF HACK feed right into the development of the Pfaffquartier. There are no boundaries for what your ideas may be as long as you can get them to a prototype stage within a weekend. Anything that is helpful to reduce emissions or simplify our everyday-life is welcome. During the hackathon you will be coding your idea to then be able to pitch it in front of a jury. For our PFAFF HACK anyone is welcome. Entry is free, so don’t shy away at taking part at Fraunhofer IESE’s hackathon. You might want to be quick though as spaces are limited.

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