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What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a collobarative soft- and hardware engineering event that aims at creative problem solving within a limited time frame.

Many laptops on a table. coffee cups around

Hard work to find innovative ideas.

At a hackathon you’ll meet up with a bunch of creative and enthusiastic people that like to challenge themself and work together to create fascinating solutions for future problems. The challenges during a hackathon can be as diverse and heterogenous as the technical setting sets them out to be. Therefore some hackathons focus on working with a specific type of hardware such as the alexa speakers for example while other hackathons design their challenges around a certain software such as SAP Hana to build and create new astounding tools. The challenge of a hackathon however doesn’t have to be centered around specific soft- or hardware. Some hackathons put their main emphasis on social change and finding creative ways to shake up and renew parts of our society for the better. That’s one way we pursue with our PFAFF HACK.

Table area at night

The PFAFF HACK at night.

But don’t worry - you won’t be alone on your journey to tackle various modern-day challenges. Our PFAFF HACK is a colloborative and community-focused event that aims at bringing people together. We think that, even though a hackathon is a challenge to build the best prototypes, the main focus of such an event is the social aspect and working together. To best be able to achieve that we want to encourage every team to work together. Besides that you will be accompanied by our experienced mentors from Fraunhofer IESE throughout the whole event. They will be at your side in the process of developing your ideas and will help you reach your goals.

People are working hard during the night

Who cares whether it's day or night as long as there is plenty of coffee...

Is it about hacking sytems ?

No. Hacking should be understood as creative problem solving. To get the best idea of what hacking means, consider the word ‘lifehack’ - referring to a creative solution to an everyday problem. That is just the way you should think of a hack in the context of a hackathon and its challenges. Check out this for a deeper understanding.

Is there a code of conduct?

You can read our code of conduct here.

Participant are sitting in the chill out area

Take a break in our chill out area.

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