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Participating at the Online PFAFF HACK

How is the Online PFAFF HACK going to look like?

From 6. - 8. November you can work together with us and other tech geeks to find the next smart city solution - all from home.

During that time you will be working remotely and we will be guiding you from our PFAFF HACK studio. Our goal is to make the whole event feel as much of a live experience as possible.

We are going to set up online help desks so you can just call and we try to solve any issues during the development that might come up. In addition to that we plan to send live from a comfy studio in the Fraunhofer Institute and hope to entertain you throughout the events with different talks and topics. So no worries to feel left alone during the development of your project, we will be there for you.

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We are looking forward to meeting you online!

Why participate ?

Become part of a great community of ambitious tech-geeks and together find ideas for the future city life in Kaiserslautern. Your ideas will directly influence the Pfaffquartier research project. Besides getting envolved in social change and meeting new people, you’ll also find interesting challenges to test your technical know-how on various topics.

What can you expect ?

  • non-stop coding: pratice your coding skills and gather experience for uni or work
  • Learning new technologies and and working in a team
  • Meeting new people and connecting with experienced mentors

Still undecided?

Are you not sure why you would want to participate at the PFAFF HACK? What’s the benefit?

A hackathon is a great opportunity to getting to know one’s social and coding skills better. Noone has been a pro coder from the get-go. Take your time and practice your skills. The PFAFF HACK is the optimal environment for that. You will be around a bunch of nice people just alike you - people that like to code and use the fun they have from coding to turn in it into something great for our social context. So as long as you are willing to give it your all, you should definitely keep up in terms of coding skills. The boundary isn’t too high. And also consider that you will be guided by our mentors just when you need help.

“Code can change the world” isn’t just a phrase for us. We as a research institute for software engineering do believe that we can contribute to making a better future just with some simple lines of code and hope that the PFAFF HACK is also contributing to that.

At the PFAFF HACK you will have the opportunity to work on shaping the city of tommorrow - and not just anywhere but right here in Kaiserslautern!

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