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This is where you can find impressions and get a feeling of what it was like participating at our last hackathons. If we caught your interest, feel free to sign up for the newsletter below. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Our second hackathon has been great. Have a look at what it was like.

Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmer des zweiten PFAFF HACKs

The participants of our second hackathon - tired but proud!

Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmer des zweiten PFAFF HACKs

The #pfaffhack19 at night

Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmer des zweiten PFAFF HACKs

Everyone is working to find the best solutions


Some pictures of our first hackathon at Fraunhofer IESE.

T-Shirt Ausgabe beim pfaffhack 2018

Everyone got a t-shirts with the #pfaffhack18 logo

15 Juni 2018 The first PFAFF HACK is about to get off its starting blocks. Everyone is excited what is going to happen within the next 24 hours. Our team worked hard to organize the event and to pose you some interesting challenges.

Eine Gruppe arbeitet an einer Idee für ein nachhaltiges Stadtquartier

After a short intro the teams got off to work. Every team has a mentor at their side helping them with ideation and developing their ideas into prototypes. The teams chose the topics they wanted to work on themself and had enough room to think outside box.

After a short talk about the idea of a climate-neutral urban quarter in front of the newly build Pfaffquartier, the teams chose the topics they wanted to work on and started to find solutions.

Hard work doesn’t go without good food obviously! We provided plenty of healthy snacks and fruits for our participants throughout the event. At the evening we ordered lasagna (vegetarian or with meat) to get everyone ready and energized for the night.

Team des pfaffhack 2018 steht beim Abendessen an einem großen Tisch

Coming together to get some food before the hacking continues

The teams gave their all so that we even had to put up additional tables during the creativity session to make room for all the fresh ideas. Even throughout the night they worked ambitiously on their projects to achieve the best results. None wanted to quit during the marathon.

Teilnehmer des pfaffhack18 arbeiten intensiv in ihrer Gruppe

Finding ideas took place on paper. That changed later, when the teams turned towards implementing their ideas

Eine Gruppe präsentiert ihre Zwischenergebnisse. Der Raum ist dunkel und nur durch vereinzelnte bunte Lampen erleuchtet.

Even at night everyone was active

Sitting 24 hours makes your back hurt? We’ve got you covered! Not at our hackathon. Thanks to our partner UNISPORT anyone who liked had the chance to relax their body with some morning excercise.

Der UNISPORT der TU Kaiserslautern macht Frühsport mit den Teilnehmern des pfaffhack 2018.

Stay healthy and relaxed!

Towards the end one could feel exhausted, but our particpants stayed though! No stopping … even in our chill out area you could find them working on their projects.

Zwei Teilnehmer sitzen auf Sitzsaecken und arbeiten an einem Laptop.

Inside and relaxing beneath trees? Not possible? Wrong!

Before pitching their results in front of a jury, our teams had some pizza to fill their stomaches. With 50+ people on the event we had to have “some” pizza delivered.

Viele Pizzakartons stehen auf einem Wagen. Ein Teilnehmer lacht und freut sich darüber.

Pizza for everyone!

The reward of 24 hours of hard work. The teams presented their solutions for a climate-friendly city quarter. Stunning results have been made during our first hackathon!

Eine Gruppe stellt ihr Arbeitsergebnis nach 23h harter Arbeit vor.

Meins Deins Teil! MeDeTe (in engl.: Mine, Yours, Share). A great idea about sharing instead of buying. And if something is needed that doesn't exist, commercial providers fill that gap

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