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Public Space

The Challenge

In the future Pfaffquartier, smart light poles and sensors will contribute to modern city life through data. Services such as car-sharing services already use the available data to provide their users with sustainable mobility. E-charging stations, green spaces or co-working spaces also offer the potential to be used sustainably through digital services.

The #pfaffhack22 is therefore all about public space. Help shape the Pfaffquartier with your ideas and develop solutions for the sustainable use of data and services in public spaces! The > Volksbank Kaiserslautern awards the best teams with prize money in the amount of 2.500€ to pursue their ideas.

A 3D Simulation of the Pfaffquartier

(image source: ASTOC/Mess 2018)

Prize money and evaluation criteria

The > Volksbank Kaiserslautern awards the following prize money for the best results:

🥇 1. Platz: 1.250€

🥈 2. Platz: 750€

🥉 3. Platz: 500€

Novelty and Added Value for the Pfaffquartier

How novel is the solution? What added value does it offer for the further design of the > Pfaffquartier? Which requirements for a sustainable urban quarter does the solution address? Personas help as a guide (> IKT brochure, page 19).

Technical Maturity and Interconnectedness with the Platform Mock

How advanced is the prototype? To what extent is it connected to the > Platform Mock? Is data being ingested and processed by other applications? Does the application itself provide data to the platform? More information about the Platform Mock can be found in the > documentation.

Evaluation Form

You can find the jury’s evaluation form > here.