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2.500€ for the best ideas

The Challenge - Public Space!

In the future Pfaffquartier, smart light poles and sensors will contribute to modern city life through data. Services such as car-sharing services already use the available data to provide their users with sustainable mobility. E-charging stations, green spaces or co-working spaces also offer the potential to be used sustainably through digital services.

The #pfaffhack22 is therefore all about public space. Help shape the Pfaffquartier with your ideas and develop solutions for the sustainable use of data and services in public spaces! The > Volksbank Kaiserslautern awards the best teams with prize money in the amount of 2.500€ to pursue their ideas.

A 3D Simulation of the Pfaffquartier

(image source: ASTOC/Mess 2018)

Prize money and evaluation criteria

The > Volksbank Kaiserslautern awards the following prize money for the best results:

🥇 1. Platz: 1.250€

🥈 2. Platz: 750€

🥉 3. Platz: 500€

We will release the Challenge and the scoring criteria shortly before the event.

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