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What is a hackathon?

A Hackathon is a collaborative soft- and hardware engineering event that aims at creative problem solving within a limited time frame. Hackathons focus on a challenge the participants have to solve. These challenges can revolve around specific technologies or social challenges.

Many laptops on a table. coffee cups around

Hard work to find innovative ideas.

Have a look at the > Impressions of our past PFAFF HACKs to getter a better idea of what a hackathon is like.

What does it have do with Pfaff?

The PFAFF HACK is based on a research project that among other goals aims to create a digital ecosystem in the former sewing maschine manufacturer Pfaff’s factory area in Kaiserslautern. This so-called ‘Pfaffquartier’ is planned to be a a climate-neutral working and living space right in the city. Fraunhofer IESE is one of nine members in this project and wants to take a step towards the future by realizing various innovative approaches to life in the city of tommorrow.

Find out more about the > EnStadt:Pfaff research project.

Eine Simulation eines möglichen Stadtquartiers auf dem Pfaff-Gelände

The vision of a climate-friendly living space (source: ASTOC/Mess 2018).

This is where you and your ideas play an important role. You can directly influence how the Pfaffquartier is going to end up by participating at the PFAFF HACK. All prototypes from the PFAFF HACK feed right into the development of the Pfaffquartier.

There are no boundaries as to what your ideas may be as long as you can get them to a prototype stage within a weekend. Anything that is helpful to reduce emissions or simplify our everyday-life is welcome.

What is the Platform Mock all about?

The Platform Mock makes connecting different services easier. This helps you and your team to quickly develop and test your prototypes during the hackathon. You are also encouraged to interconnect your service with services from other teams.

info about the pfaffquartier plattform. the plattform is a centralized way of connecting people and technology

Which services and apps will help us to live climate-neutral and environmentally firendly?

Learn more in our youtube series:

Why does the PFAFF HACK take place over 3 days?

We’ve decided to adapt our schedule based on your feedback. Therefore we will go back to a 24h hackathon (friday to saturday) with some socializing (thursday) and ideation workshops (friday) prior to the event. The event doesn’t require you to block 3 full days in a row.

How much programming experience is required to participate?

Your goal during the PFAFF HACK is to create a working prototype. That’s why you should have somebody in your team with prior programming knowledge. Besides that all kinds of people from other domains are of course also welcome.

Teilnehmer sitzen auf Liegestühlen in der Chill-Ecke. Im Hintergrund stehen Aufsteller vom UNISport der TU Kaiserslautern.

Pitch your idea in front of our jury.

Can we participate as a team?

Yes. Just all fill in your team name in the > signup form and we know you want to participate together. If you don’t have a team yet, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you find the right group.

Is it about hacking sytems?

No. Hacking should be understood as creative problem solving. To get the best idea of what hacking means, refer to the word ’lifehack’ - a creative solution to an everyday problem. That is just the way you should think of a hack in the context of a hackathon and its challenges.

Is there a code of conduct?

You can read our code of conduct > here.

Participant are sitting in the chill out area

Take a break.

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